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“At BMEWine, we have the experience to assist you in locations, overhead, cost of goods sold, return on investment, and happy customers!” – Brian Mahoney

Wine Consulting

Get the wine consulting advice, education, and confidence you need to do it yourself.

Restaurants & Bars

Helping business operations to be effecient and successful.

Events & Catering

Save time and have fun while letting our professionals educate and deliver the experience.

Understanding Your Vision

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Our goal is to make you happy and profitable.  To accomplish that, our professionals need to understand your vision.

This enables our team of consultants to evaluate the current business model, and action items that may be needed to accomplish your vision. We need to know your overall culture and commitment to impact and apply the changes that lead to exceeded expectation of your vision. We understand that within completing these steps we must keep operations productive.  

This short amount of time we schedule to discuss your vision gives our consultants the ability to make quick progress with a plan of action to meet your vision and business goals. 


360 Degrees

Expert Planning, Implementation, and Delivery

At BME Wine, we are experts in the Wine Business and have vast knowledge and background from grape to glass. Decades of experience in fine (and not so fine) restaurants and dining business models, franchises and local eateries, dive bars, wine bars, events and catering, corporate and private gatherings, food pairings, classes, business owner education, and more. 

Among these wine dining varieties, our consultants provide a suite of services in the industry including proper serving training, technique and ettiquette, beverage inventory and holdings, order processing, point of sale asssistance, scheduling, operational improvements, and much more. 

To recieve a free quote and assistance to help achieve your vision and business goals, contact us today and one of our team members will be in touch with you soon.


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