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Restaurant, Bar, & Wine Consulting Services

Wine Consulting

BME Wine Consulting Services in Arizona

Get the wine consulting advice and confidence you need to do it yourself.

* Menu design and development

* Cellar management

* Personal wine shopping

* Bottle valuations

* Private collection selection

* Copy writing

* Classes (Wide range of topics)

* For staff, business training, social gatherings

Restaurants & Bars

BME Wine & Restauant Consulting

Helping business operations to be effiecient and successful.

Levels of Bar/Restaurant Consulting Services;

  1. Bronze, Phone consult, one undercover visit, quick report $500
  2. Silver, One Month guidance, multiple phone consults, three undercover visits, quick report $4,000
  3. Gold, Three Month guidance, quick report, employee training, one wine class $10,000
  4. Platinum, Six Month guidance, full report 9 to include inventory management, POS reporting, menu design, bar design, metrics analysis, employee training, 3 wine classes, staffing and hiring $20,000
  5. Select Specific Services – One or more services available at $100/hr

BME Wine offers business metric analysis, labor cost analysis, staffing and hiring, employee training, training programs, POS reporting, inventory management, menu service consistency, service skills, management skill sets, process improvement, wine lists, COGS analysis, social media, bar design and equipment selection, strategic planning.

Catering & Events

Save time and have fun while letting our professionals educate and deliver the experience. Our goals is to make you happy and in order to accomplish that, our professionals need to understand your vision.

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